Privacy Policy

Colorfotostudios.co.uk collects certain information about you when you use the site.

This information includes:

  • Orders, feedback and question, including your email address if you send an email to hello@colorfotostudio.co.uk
  • How you have used the website, which includes the use of cookies. EHelping us to improve our services and website.
  • Some details which will allowyou to access certain Colorfoto services, for example an email address. This information will only ever be used for it’s intended purpose which will be outlined to you when the information is asked for.
  • Details of your web brower.

This alows us to improve our website and services by seeing how the website is used, respond to feedback set to us and to complete any oline orders that have been placed.

Cookies and Personal Data

Colorfotostudio.co.uk uses cookies and website tagging as you browse in order to see what your interest are and to measure how you have used the website.

This means that notifications will be remembered so that you don’t need to see them again and the wbepage can be improved based on your needs.

Keeping Data Secure

Any data you submit is at your own risk. Information over the internet is not completey secure and we cannot guarantee he security of your data.

We don’t share your information with any third party companies for market research or other commercial uses and we don’t pass your details on to any other websites.

Gerneral Terms & Conditions

The copyright for all photographic image remains with Colorfoto Studio.

Any data obtained may be used to advise on our services, products and any special promotions we have to offer. They can also be used for market research and analytical purposes. Therefore, we may contact you via telephone, email or SMS.

Please note that the sizes of products and frames in our product guid is an approximate and may vary slightly from the quoted size due to all products being indivially made.